Dr Richard Sheppard

Dr Richard Shepherd

Dr Shepherd is the leading forensic pathologist in the UK. He is a Visiting Professor at City University London, Honorary Consultant at The Royal Liverpool Hospital and a registered UK Home Office Forensic Pathologist.

He was sent to New York to advise on the management of UK fatalities following 9/11 and to Bali following the bomb attack on the Sari Club. He was also the forensic pathological expert for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and the Inquiry and Inquest into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Mr Dodi Al Fayed.

He has recently provided the Attorney General with a review of the forensic pathological aspects of the death of Dr David Kelly, a scientist employed by the British Ministry of Defence and formerly a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq.

He also worked on the controversial Rachel Nickell murder case in the UK.

Dr Shepherd has been involved in the investigation of natural, suicidal and homicidal deaths on behalf of both the defence and prosecution for more than 25 years and has experience in the field of deaths in custody and during restraint.

He is a member of the Ministerial Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody and also of the Restraint Accreditation Board and he has been a member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel.