NEWS ALERT:  JUSTICEwa has no involvement whatsoever with the Robert Farquharson case or any current plans to setup operations in Victoria. Recent media reports are totally incorrect.


An Australian first, this groundbreaking event brings together international and national experts in justice, forensic science, law, law enforcement, criminal psychology and criminology who have been involved in both prosecutions and exonerations.

Learn valuable insights from our world-leading "Forensic Expert Speakers" who have worked on a range of high-profile and complex cases, including the September 11 attacks, Bali bombings, inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the crimes of Joseph Fritzl and Armin Meiwes in Austria and Ivan Milat and Graham Stafford in Australia, to name but a few.

Hear firsthand from our "VIP Keynote Speakers", including those whose terrible ordeals have been portrayed in Hollywood movies, including Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton (Australia), Dr Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter (USA) and Betty Anne Waters (USA). In addition, David Bain will speak publicly for the first time about his experience (New Zealand).






New conference speakers include David Hicks former military lawyer Lt Col Dan Mori, human rights lawyer Tammy Solonec, justice lawyer Estelle Blackburn.

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